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About Winchelsea

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Winchelsea is a beautiful small Sussex town. It is worth a visit at any time of the year. To find Winchelsea's fascinating history follow one of the recommended walks and visit the 13th century Church, pause for thought under Wesley's tree, view Wesley's Chapel and the museum of the defunct Winchelsea Corporation.

William Durrant Cooper wrote an excellent history of Winchelsea in 1850 and in more recent years Malcolm Pratt, the past town clerk and local historian has written about the town. There have also been recent in depth surveys concerning the medieval town and these too have been published.

There are excellent websites about Winchelsea with links to the above recent studies, town maps, news of events etc. etc.and we just cannot compete with them (!) so here are the links:



QUB Historic Maps/Articles (opens Archaelogy Data Service website)

William Durrant Cooper's book (opens a website from which may be downloaded)

To buy the book about the History of Winchelsea Methodist Chapel