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Methodist Heritage
Telling the Story of the People called Methodists

'Methodist Heritage' is the name for the work of the Methodist Church in Britain aimed at preserving its heritage and using it as a tool for contemporary mission.

In 2008, the Methodist Church's governing body, the Methodist Conference, received a report highlighting the value and untapped potential of the Methodist Church's historic sites and archives. The Conference approved recommendations in that report to convene a strategic Methodist Heritage Committee and employ a Heritage Officer within the Connexional Team to coordinate and support its heritage resources.

The Methodist Heritage Committee has overseen the publication of a full-colour visitors' guide to Methodist heritage sites of historic importance, the Methodist Heritage Handbook, and supported its distribution through travel trade and Christian exhibitions, as well as directly to church congregations and visitors to Methodist Heritage sites. The Methodist Heritage Committee also publishes a twice yearly newsletter: Heritage News.

The Methodist Heritage Committee has done work on the theology of heritage as a mission tool and on the organisation of its sub-committees and groups to improve support and service to those with interest in and/or the care of Methodist heritage across  Britain.

Methodist Heritage Handbook  will be available at events in the Chapel, or contact Barry Turnwell or order free (plus P&P) copies at

To learn more about Methodist Heritage across Britain see:

Methodist Heritage Newsletters

About the Wesley Historical Society

There is also a Wesley Historical Society founded in 1893. The aims of this Society are to promote:

  • The study of the history and literature of early Methodism
  • Research into the Wesleys
  • Investigation into the beginnings and development of Methodism
  • The history of all sections of The British Methodist Church that United in 1932 and of other Wesleyan and Methodist denominations

    To learn more about the WHS see: